Shrek the Halls 2014

The Door Christian Fellowship

Shrek the Halls 2014

On December 21st, our Children’s Church put on a colorful and captivating play for their parents and family. Visitors young and old were welcomed to see, through the eyes of children how Jesus can change the heart of even an Ogre. What started with several children’s church songs and ministry soon became a platform for our talented young children in Shrek the Halls.

In this story Shrek had no idea what or how to have Christmas for his new family. Donkey, being the ever loveable but yet persistent and annoying friend challenged him to have the best Christmas ever! Alas, even with a tree, friends, story reading, and other traditional Christmas things Shrek was not completely feeling Christmas until he read the story of Jesus and the babe in the manger. We learned that the only thing that completely brings the spirit of Christmas to the season is the meaning of it – JESUS.

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