Frozen 2014

The Door Christian Fellowship

Frozen 2014

The Door SS Productions hosted two amazing nights with talented young actors December 19 &20th. We watched the fairy tale of Frozen come alive on stage with beloved characters such as Princess Anna and Elsa, Prince Hans, Kristoff, Sven, and the loveable Olaf. Not to mention, the Duke of Weselton and his goons along with many more characters.

In this “made to real life” story Princess Elsa was struggling on how to control her emotions so that they wouldn’t put herself or others in danger. Through the love of family and friends Princess Elsa no longer had to conceal but was able to ask Jesus to forgive her and help her control her anger so that she could help others.

This fairy tale hit true to home for many who watched it, and the church was packed with visitors, many of whom prayed and accepted Jesus as their own personal savior. Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing this play win many more souls for Jesus, as it gives hope to those who also may struggle with holding things in and not being able to deal with their emotions and/or anger.

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