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The Door Christian Fellowship

December 2014

Fernando Bononcini –

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus,

We wanted to give an update of all that God is doing at the southeast side church.

We took over the church from Matt and Blanca Spachek in mid Oct. 2014.
We went straight into revival w/ evangelist George Cruz. There were visitors each night & 5 people surrendered their lives to Jesus and 7 were filled with the Holy Ghost!

We sent an invasion team to the city of Pleasanton to help our baby work. People responded to the gospel and went door to door witnessing. Later we set up on a street corner for a concert and got the attention of the people and preached Jesus unto them.

We recently had our thanksgiving fellowship & there were over 40 people in attendance. The saints shared testimonies of what they were thankful to God for and the change He has done in them.

We have also seen fruit from our outreaches…visitors have come from receiving fliers.

Our Transition has gone very well. Pray for the Southeast side as we pray for you. God is doing a wonderful work!

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