Merced Report

From the Field

The Door Christian Fellowship

December 2014

Stuart Palacio –

Since arriving in Merced, we were greeted warmly by the church. The transition was smooth and sound. As we took over the church, I could tell there was an anticipation for the future lying ahead of us.

As services progress we have seen God fall down in our services. People are being delivered and set free from various ailments and spiritual chains. I have been challenging the church to partner with our mother church in giving to world evangelism, and they have responded well. We have been growing closer to the church through fellowships. For Halloween we had a costume contest and party at the church. This was crucial in helping us establish relationships with our congregation.

As we begin outreaching there is an excitement that now is our time for revival!! Our church is looking forward to revival later this month with Pastor Perez and will continue plowing the ground preparing for the harvest. We are starting a Sunday school on witnessing and will throw ourselves out there in different outreach strategies for our city. Street preaching is becoming a norm here as well as distributing flyers everywhere we go. We have seen visitors because of this and will continue to expect more and more.

We appreciate the prayers and support from our mother church in the Southside of San Antonio. God is with us and we are excited for this opportunity to bring an explosion of revival into Merced. It’s our turn now!

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