The Door Church Southside San Antonio is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled Non-denominational ministry with a passion to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Worship services follow a contemporary style in a casual environment where you’ll hear relevant messages for everyday life. Our warm, friendly congregation has been serving the South San Antonio area for more than 20 years. Come check us out.

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  • Joe and Diane

    Stockton, California November 2014

    Joe Saucedo  - Greetings from Stockton, California a city with a population of 300,899 souls. We are excited to report good things happening here in Stockton, Ca. We arrived here on November 5, 2014 after a 26hr. drive from San Antonio TX. We took over the church form Paul and Norma LaValley.

  • Andrew Martinez

    Palo Alto November 2014

    Andrew Martinez - We took over the Palo Alto church from the Bononcini’s in mid-October of this year. They did a wonderful job building the church. Immediately the people embraced us and got behind us. In our transition service, there was a man that just started coming to church with

  • STU

    Merced, California November 2014

    Stuart Palacio - Since arriving in Merced, we were greeted warmly by the church. The transition was smooth and sound. As we took over the church, I could tell there was an anticipation for the future lying ahead of us. As services progress we have seen God fall down in